Data Impact Assessment Template

Registered Name of Organisation: ____________________________
Registration number of organisation: _________________________
Name of Data Protection Officer: _____________________________
Email of Data Protection Officer: ______________________________
Mobile number of Data Protection Officer:____________________

  • List the data that your organisation hold including data types:
  • How many individual users do you have data about?
  • How often do you collect data?
  • For how long have you collected data?
  • How do you process the data?
  • Why do you process the data?
  • Is the data processing absolutely necessary for the service you deliver to end users? If so, explain why.
  • Where is the data stored? If the data is stored in multiple places, explain what is stored where?
  • Do you pass on the data to other organisations? If so, explain what you pass on to who, how often and for what reason.
  • What do you consider to be the most sensitive data that you hold?
  • What do you consider to be the greatest data risks in your organisation?
  • What have you done to mitigate these risks?

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