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At Own Institute we believe that everyone should own their own data.

The long term ambition of Own Institute is to provide a tool for personal data trading as explained in the semi-finalist submission to the Global Challenges Foundation New Shape Prize submission.

While the tech services, such as search engines, communication channels, and maps, are provided for free, the new currency that has been uncovered in the process is personal data. Human digital identity is a consumable product. Personal Data Trading (PDT) is a framework that gives individuals the ability to own their digital identity and create granular data sharing agreements via the Internet. Rather than the current model which tolerates companies selling personal data for profit, in PDT, individuals would consciously sell their personal data to known parties of their choice and keep the profit. At the core is an effort to re- decentralise the Internet. The ultimate goals are a more equitable global resource distribution and a more balanced say in allocation of global resources.  

Governance Structure

Own Institute is a nonprofit foundation registered in Amsterdam with registration number 62697099. Users of the tool provided by Own automatically become members of the sister association which gives them voting influence on the board members of the foundation. There are several boards in the foundation including: ethics, security, licensing, storage, and design. The foundation licenses aggregate data to private companies for sale under specific ethical conditions determined by the ethics board and implemented by the licensing board.

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