Simply GDPR – the new EU legislation in a nutshell.

Own Institute held the Simply GDPR Workshop at Datalab Amsterdam in collaboration with the Chief Technology Innovation Team of the Municipality of Amsterdam.

Simply GDPR was organised by the people behind – a series of celebrations for digital rights across the European cities.

On the 25th May 2018 new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force across Europe. Here is is, the actual GDPR legislation. No way you would ever read all 88 pages of the General Data Protection Regulation? Tune into Dj Laszlo reading GDPR Out Loud for you as a bedtime story/ cooking and ironing companion/ traffic jam entertainment.

GDPR is about a relationship between the everyday (wo)man (‘data subjects’) and organisations. But these 88 pages are written in a way that mean only one half of the relationship understands. Own Institute put together an initiative to make GDPR more approachable.

At the one day workshop scientists, lawyers, entrepreneurs, and designers got together to literally get on the same page. What does GDPR mean in practical application terms? A simple checklist for businesses across Europe to follow so they can protect themselves against potential fines (4% of turnover or €20m EUR whichever is higher). The aim of the day is to take these 88 pages and translate them in such a way that the light and spirit is communicated in a way the everyday (wo)man can easily get it. The one pager is certainly not a legal text, rather a living document to kick start an ongoing conversation about best practices around the application of GDPR. The GDPR one pager is publically available for free on

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