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The silver bullet is losing its lustre: the Internet first appeared to be a straight road to open progress, convenience, and social justice. But today, there are whispers that the Internet is broken, even from the inventor of the World Wide Web himself. The internet is no longer exclusively being used for progress: the recent Cambridge Analytica scandal, where Facebook was used for political manipulation, are painting a bleak path of regression.

I was born in 1989, the year of the invention of the World Wide Web, and we have grown up together over the past decades. The wonders of the Internet have shaped me as much as my generation has shaped it, but I am starting to ponder: is this an Internet that works for me? Or am I working for it? As a neuroscientist for a Brazilian epidemiology study, I became frustrated at not being able to easily access big data that could be beneficial for public health. This led me to start working as an innovation funding advisor, and eventually as an ethics consultant for the European Commission.

In this book, I’m going to investigate what is really going on under the hood of the Internet. Instead of learned helplessness, I propose we adopt a proactive attitude. Rather than idly clicking away our personal data and hoping for the best, I’ll be looking at the inner workings of the personal data trading industry to demystify it.

Clicking Away is told through twelve true stories, backed by an academic article and an interview with a high-profile influencer, to understand the institutional perspectives and help the reader separate hard facts from conspiracy. This is a book for anyone who is curious about how data is being used and where the internet is going, with a backbone of rigorous evidence-based investigation which provides a down-to-earth springboard for constructive public debate. Along the way I would love to hear if you would like me to delve into a specific question or interview a particular person. Think of me as an agony aunt for Internet ethics.

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